Canadian Beverage Announces New Products

Canadian Beverage is Canada’s most trusted supplier of accessories and products in the industry. For a long time, they have been providing customers with the products they need to ensure that all guest have access to the best beverages possible. Canadian Beverage’s client base encompasses two major categories, including restaurant and bar owners as well as those who want to enjoy only the best beverages and supplies in their private residents.

Canadian Beverage has received glowing reviews from both types of clients in the past. From business owners who want to ensure that they are continuously developing their business and increasing guest and visitor satisfaction to home brewers and beer aficionados bent on supplying the greatest beers, wines, and other alcoholic drinks to their families and friends, Canadian Beverage exists solely to ensure that these goals are met – no matter the setting or occasion.

Famous already for their beverage dispense and beverage-cooling systems, Canadian Beverage is now seeking to expand their product line with the announcement of several new products for the spring of 2013. One of these products is the Vin Service Glycol Deck, which provides absolutely exceptional glycol recovery for beer dispenser systems. In addition, Canadian beverage is announcing their carriage of the Flow Control Faucet with US thread as well as the impressive and imposing Albatross industrial tube tower, capable of dispensing several different types of beers through a keg system at any given time.

Though these new products have sent waves of excitement throughout the Canadian beverage industry, they are additions to an already-numerous product catalogue known for its functionality, endurance, and value. Among the other trusted products available from Canadian Beverage are their array of beer dispenser systems, draft beer towers, kegarators, and cooling systems to meet the cooling needs of a variety of beverages. These supplies are among the best in the industry, and meet or exceed all industry standards where beverages and beverage supplies are concerned.

Known for their friendly demeanor and their customer service acumen that has built an extremely strong repeat customer base as well as providing a huge network of word-of-mouth supporters, Canadian Beverage is an essential supplier to a wide variety of Canadian adult beverage enthusiasts, both professional and amateur. Canadian Beverage products can be purchased on their website,, or by calling their service line at (888) 303-7707.

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