Your Press Release Room

Your Release can now find its way directly to your potential customers. Clients will often search for the service or product that you offer and find your website by means of your submission on this mobile friendly site.

We only accept unique releases that have not been posted elsewhere on the Web. Writing a fresh release and publishing it on a reputable site takes time but in the long-term this is likely to be an effective way to promote your organization. A single press release that tells a story about an aspect of your organization will result in a valuable link back to your web site and enhance your reputation. Spamming the same content in every corner of The Internet is no longer looked on favorably by the search engines or by your potential clients.

Another point to bear in mind about your press release is that it should provide useful information and that it should never look like a sales letter. A press release is there to win you credibility. It is not there to make you a fast buck!

You can choose a relevant category for your business press release that best defines your article. This site is designed to make the process as straightforward as possible.
We look forward to posting your submission and helping to build your reputation. Read our Instructions to get started.